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Joe’s Great American Bar and Grill

4:59 PMDollie DeVille

You may have heard me talk about Joe’s before. Joe’s is a little bar in Burbank, that plays host to a ton of great bands…..Most recently Lucky Stars on Saturday night and The Hi-Lo Playboys on Monday night. Every now and then they have a Saturday night show, but every Monday night they do western swing night and every Tuesday night is blues, roots and swing. On these nights they get a really big dancing crowd, and even have lessons on Tuesday night for $5. Last night they had a fast lindy hop contest, and that was really exciting to watch. Everyone was so good, especially the winners of the contest. They were the most animated in their dancing, which made them really stand out. The contest was hosted by DJ Lorenzo and the music was provided by The Hi-Lo Playboys. This was my first time seeing the Hi-Lo Playboys and I had very high hopes. This is an all star band: Dave “Pappy” Stuckey (vocals and acoustic), Tommy Harkenrider (lead guitar), Shorty Poole (lap steel), Carlitos (drums), and Wally Hersom (slap bass). So, as we all assumed…….they are AMAZING!!! They are instantly in the league of other western swing greats like The Lucky Stars, The Barnstompers, etc. Man, was it was good to see Pappy up front again! They did 3 sets, and had some of the members from The SideWynders up to sing a few. The crowed loved them, and the dance floor was packed from the first song to the last. DJ Lorenzo was spinning tunes in between the band’s sets, so no ones feet ever had the chance to cool down. Overall, it was a swingin’ good time for a Monday!

The Hi-Lo Playboys

Guest-starring The Side-Wynders

My new friends! On the left, Deen from Australia. On the right, Sara from Sweden. I love these girls! They are bright, beautiful, and know their rockabilly. These are my kinda girls! Welcome to LA. 

What trip to Burbank would be complete without eating at Bob's Big Boy at 2am? We had to show Sara this classic "All American" 50s dinner!

If this sounds like your kinda time, Joes is hosting The Crown City Bombers tonight. Check it out!

4311 W. Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91505

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  1. haha, this is a picture of my backside at Joe's! great to meet you <3 Sara


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