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Friday at Weber’s With Kim Lenz!

11:18 AMDollie DeVille

On Friday we went to Weber’s Rockabilly Friday Night to see Kim Lenz. She didn’t play many shows while she was here from Texas, so we knew we couldn’t miss this one. Man, am I glad I didn’t! The Rhythm Shakers opened the night. I have seen them once before, but it didn’t make much of an impression on me that night. Well, this night was different! Marlene really “made it”. She has a great stage presence and a lot of energy. I loved that she actually played the guitar, and really rocked the hell out of it. She was super cute and danced all around, kicked off her shoes, got on the floor….the whole shebang! It was really entertaining.

Karen and Marlene

In between the two bands, DJ Lola was spinning tunes. This was my first time hearing her, and she was great too! She played a ton of great jivers, some strollers, but unfortunately, few boppers, but maybe that was just due to the crowd response. She was a super cute girl too. The dance floor was the most packed I have ever seen it there! Go DJ Lola! Then the main event……Kim Lenz!

Kim, Alana and I

She looked perfect as always. She wore a tight dress and heels, but never let that stop her from wailing on her guitar and singing her heart out. She did a nice long set, with most of the favorites. The crowd was loving her and she was loving the crowd. The dance floor was packed with swingers, until she slowed it down with “Tennessee Waltz”, and I got to waltz for the first time. What fun! Kim was really amazing. I am so glad we got another chance to see her while she was in town. After Kim’s set, DJ Lola kept the joint rockin’. We danced all night. I got passed around like a hot cake! Sadly, the party had to end at 2am. Boo! In my opinion, this was the best time I have had so far at Weber’s. Maybe it was the two rockin’ red heads, maybe it was DJ Lola, and maybe it was being with all my girls…who knows? But it was all about the femmes that night!


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  1. Kim lives in LA. She moved to LA about 8 years ago. Her drummer still lives in Texas, her bass player in St. Louis and the guitar player is from Spain.

  2. Also, I think the Rhythm Shakers are one of the top acts in LA as well as one of the best Wild label bands. Marlene can put on a hell of a show, she just about upstaged Carlos and the Bandidos at our show last spring.

  3. Kim lives in LA now? Then why the hell doesn't she play around town more? ha ha ha. Yes, her guitar player from Spain was a hit with the ladies! Whooooooo!!!!

  4. Glad you had a great time DJ LOLA is the best .. And one of the few genuine wholehearted people left in this world .. La la la LOVE HER !!!

  5. glad you had a rockin time .. DJ Lola is absolutely one of the best Deejays Ive ever seen .. absolutely adore her


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