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Dollie’s Fall Fashion Guide

4:30 PMDollie DeVille

Fall has officially arrived! I am welcoming the cool down, and have already started wearing my cardigans, as it has been a little chilly around here. I will have to put away the cotton frocks until next spring. The good news is, as one door closes, another one opens! Goodbye cotton, pastels, and sandals……Hello gabardine, neutrals, and trousers!

If you are like me, you are a little tired of your old tried-and-true cardigans, high-waist pants, and saddle shoes. I want something new and fresh this season! So, after some quick research, I have compiled a list of my must-haves for this fall, and some "wants":
1950’s Deadstock Gabardine Angora Dress from Ebay- Perfect fabric and color for fall!

1940s Gabardine Wool Suit from Ebay- This is very similar to a dress I own. I am wearing it in a picture to the left.

Ex Sm 1950s Reversable Printed Gabardine Rickey Jacket from Ebay- Don’t let the boys have all the fun! I am on a mission to get an extra small ricky jacket like this for myself. I am going to pair it with my Jeanies (see below), an extra skinny belt, and some loafers. I think it would be a knock out!

Vintage Beaded Cardigan on Ebay…..perfect color for fall! Pair this with a wool A- line skirt!

Celuloid leaves necklace from Ebay- Every girl needs one of these!

1940’s Vintage Brown Leather Peep Toe Heels from Ebay. I have a pair like this is black with white stitching, and I wear them all year around!

Tweed Ladies Swing Trousers from Heyday -If these don’t scream fall, I don’t know what does! They would look perfect paired with a 1940s long (slightly-puffed) sleeve blouse in an orange and brown print. You know the type I am talking about? The really expensive kind!

Dungaree Dolls coveralls by Fredies of Pinewood- Great for casual autumn wear.

Jeanies by Fredies of Pinewood…the only jeans I wear!

What did I forget on this little list?

Just mix and match your old pieces, with a few new, and it will breath a whole new live into your wardrobe. Dress up or down with accessories like hats, scarves and gloves. Just make sure you always dress for the occasion, always look your best, and strut!


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  1. Love the beaded cardigan and the leaves necklace. Very cool!

  2. You are lucky that it doesn't snow there! I'm about to do a post for my winter wardrobe as well and all I can say is 'layers' layers' layers!!'

  3. *swoon!*

    Are we still trading for the lamp, or is it a no-go?

  4. You have fab taste, Dollie! I love the gabardine suit...gorgeous!
    x Molly


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