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Shaheen Dream!

2:46 PMDollie DeVille

My Shaheen Dream has come true, all thanks to one sweet boy named Zachary!
I have been wanting an Alfred Shaheen sarong wiggle dress with a sweetheart bust, with the “swoop” thing, and the detachable cape forever. They are very very very expensive, rare, and were not normally in my size. Since I have lost 45lbs since this time last year, now I am starting to see them in my size. This week I found a blue one on Ebay with a starting bid of $30 and a Buy It Now of $198. The label was missing and apparently the seller had no idea that it was a Shaheen, because she did not mention it anywhere in the post. I thought that would be my golden ticket to swoop it up waaaayyyyy below market price. It was $68 when I went to bed last night. When I woke up the listing had ended because someone got it at the buy it now price. I knew I was not the only person out there that knew it was a Shaheen! I was so sad! I was mostly sad because I knew that it was a dealer that was going to sell it for way more then they bought it for.

The dress that got away for $198! What a steal!

I was determined to get one of these dresses for Viva Las Vegas next year, so I kept looking. I saw some on Etsy and other stores online for $400, $500, $600+ but they were all sold, or not with the exact things I wanted. I didnt want a circle skirt with a halter top, because I already have a red one like that. I also found one with a missing shawl, but thats like buying only one shoe! No good. I saw a really nice one for $1,200, but thats waaayyyyy to rich for my blood! Then, I found the exact same dress on Ebay in Canada, just in a warm reddish brown, and with the Shaheen label. But, it was over a $100 more than the other one on a Buy It Now. I sent the link to Zachary…..and then magic happened! He bought it for me! My birthday is next Wednesday, and he had some money set aside for a gift, and he said if that is what I wanted, that is what I will get! Yayyyyy! He said he liked that one better than the blue one anyhow, and its better that it has the label. Isn’t he the best boy friend ever? He treats me like a queen and does everything in his power (within reason) to get me what I want and to make me happy. What a sweet boy. I really appreciate him. All of the nicest stuff I own were gifts from him.

This one didnt get away!

The "swoosh" bust. What the heck is this really called?

Gotta love that rare chocolate label!

Also thanks to Vintage Christine and her blog giveaway for the Ebay giftcard that we are putting towards this hefty purchase! Also for the microwave I also bought with the gift card!

I can’t wait to wear it to Viva Las Vegas next April. It’s a Saturday night outfit for sure! Just try not to spill anything on me!


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  1. Love your Shaheens! The seller probably could not list it as a Shaheen without the label. I bet they look amazing on.

  2. Gorgeous! Stunning, and lucky girl!

  3. You will look so cute in it! Yay for getting what you want :O)

  4. I like the reddish one better anyways! Good find!

  5. Fabulous Dress - the one you ended up with is definitely the prettier of the two! You were obviously meant to have it. Have to ask - what worked for you to loose 45lbs? That's such an amazing achievement and I am looking for inspiration and motivation!


  6. Ah, thanks ladies!

    How I lost 45lbs you ask? I think I will post a blog about it! Great idea!



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