Life In The Vintage Fishbowl

5:08 PMDollie DeVille

I am starting to think I live in a fishbowl…..a vintage fishbowl. To explain, we moved into our new home last Saturday. We noticed a lot of people on our street looking at us while we moved in, but I figured that was normal curiosity. They just want to see what we were moving in, right? For one example, the neighbors next door stared at us the entire walk from there door, to the car, and from the car down the street. Interesting. Then on Sunday I was hanging some bird feeders in the front, and the same neighbors came to the side fence and asked if I was the 50s girl. The 50s girl? I guess so. I asked if I was that obvious, and they said that they could tell by my dresses and aprons, and that they had seen us carry in a vintage blue fridge. They said that the old owner had told them that a 50s couple was moving in and that they wanted to see us. They had all the normal questions. Including an interesting “What’s with the aprons? Are you one of those types of women?” Insinuating that I am under my man’s thumb and don’t have a thought for myself or something. Then she started going on about her mother's generation vs. her generation, and how she had to choose whether to stay in the home or go into the work force. I explained that I would like to be a housewife, but don’t have the choice because modern households require two incomes. We live next to hippies! Eh. Then the next day we noticed this lady walking her dog up and down the street, well mostly just up and down our yard, staring into the house through the windows the entire time. Kind of creepy. Then yesterday I was weeding the front flower bed and the neighbor across the street came out to meet the “50s girl”. That must be my new name! Everyone has the same questions, and I try to be nice, but it’s hard. Am I that abnormal? It seems like every moment someone is staring at us, confused. I feel like an alien. I guess I am just the “50s girl” in the 50s fishbowl house.

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  1. thought I'd decloak to offer that most of the boring people I deal with seem to understand better when I say that well we're really into rockabilly/vintage/car scene...people love putting everyone in a pigeon hole so I just offer one they hopefully have heard of before they can ask too many questions...

    owning a house at 20 is an exception so likely your neighborhood will get cooler as time moves along

    great blog!

  2. LOL @ Kim. Don't be too surprised. Ever go to Viva and have someone stop you on the street and ask if they're filming a 50's movie or something?

    Hiya, Dollie!

  3. Dollie, you are brave enough to be an individual.....one that most people would love to be. Give them time and you'll all reach a 'happy medium' in being neighbours. Hey, you can be our neighbour ANYTIME!


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