The Honeymooners

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Zack and I are still living our quintessential 1950s lifestyle. Our home has no home phone, no cell reception, no TV service, and no internet. But we finally got a microwave! Thanks to Vintage Christine! It is really nice and quiet at home (minus the constant sound of rockabilly music), so I kind of like being so far removed from the rest of the world. It feels like a little private honeymoon cottage for the two of us and no one else. As nice as it is at times, we are a modern couple, and we do get bored. You can only clean, cook, and garden so much. Being a modern couple, we do have a TV, and a PS3, so our only source of entertainment is watching DVDs. We don’t have a big DVD collection because DVDs were never at the top of our list. But, we do get a few every year for Christmas. We have had the box set of The Honeymooners for years, but never got around to watching it. Zack always told me the show was great, but I always argued that it was no I Love Lucy. Well, about a week ago we finally got around to watching it, and let me tell you……This show is great! If you know Zack and I at all, you would know that we are very much like Ralph and Alice. If you have never seen the show, here is some background:

The Honeymooners, starring Jackie Gleason (Ralph), Audry Meadows (Alice), Art Carney (Ed) and Joyce Randolph (Trixie) was shot before a live audience, which debuted as a half-hour series on October 1, 1955. The majority of The Honeymooners focused on its four principal characters on fixed sets within a Brooklyn apartment building. The lead character Ralph is bus driver for the fictional Gotham Bus Company. Ralph is frustrated by his lack of success, and often develops get-rich-quick schemes. In most episodes, Ralph's short temper got the best of him, leading him to yell at others and to threaten physical violence, particularly against his wife Alice. Ralph's favorite threats to her were "One of these days ... one of these days ... Pow! Right in the kisser!" or to knock her "to the Moon, Alice!" (Sometimes this last threat was simply abbreviated: "Bang, zoom!") This has led some to criticize the show as displaying an acceptance of domestic violence. Ralph never carried out his threats, however, and others have pointed out that Alice knew he never would. In retaliation, the targets of Ralph's verbal abuse often responded by simply joking about his weight, a common theme throughout the series. Alice was never seen to back down during any of Ralph's tirades. The show saw fair success (at one time was the #2 show in the country) but ultimately only lasted 39 shows.

This is really a good show, I recommend you get the DVD too.

Fun Tip! Ralph Kramden was the inspiration for Fred Flintstone!

If you know Zack and I well, you have probably heard one of us threaten to punch the other in the face. We do this multiple times a day, every day. We turn everything into a joke about domestic violence, but we know that neither one of us would ever dare lay a hand on the other one. We actually don’t argue much at all, so maybe all these empty threats help release tension so it never builds up. Who knows? Maybe you should try it! Next time your husband says….”I fixed the sink. Don’t break it again.” You say, “My fist is about to break your face if you don’t stop telling me what to do.” Then you both laugh and hug. When you wife says “I don’t think it was my cooking that hurt your stomach, I think it was all that wine.” Then you say, “No, it was your face.” Then you both crack up and kiss. See how this works? Now you can be like The Honeymooners too!

Now, tell me your best Honeymooners line!



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  1. hah that reminded me of an episode of Hoarders I had watched recently.. there was this old couple and the old man liked to collect guns.. the cleaning people had to get an officer to take all the hidden guns out & unload them & then at one point when the couple was arguing, the old guy says something like, I shoulda shot you before they took all my guns away. haha

    I do the same with my husband though.. we tell eachother we're gonna punch eachother in the face.. it turns into nonsense too.. "next time I'm going to look in the book, and then I'm going to... punch you in the FACE!" or I'll jokingly threaten to punch him in the family jewels... but we never follow through =)

  2. Growing up in the 50's in the San Fernando Valley I was always so amazed when "Nawton" would come in through the window off the fire escape. Of course I had no idea what a fire escape was, either! Jackie Gleason was always one of my favorite actors and his later TV show was so great with the fabulous June Taylor Dancers! I have a CD collection of his lush instrumental arrangements, Music For Lovers. It's soooo romantic!

  3. Oh, and PS--so glad you put that gift card to such good use!

  4. V_V_VOOM! You're goin' to the moon Alice!!!!
    And,'Aw Ralph."

    Or something like that. This show was a staple in our house growing up....loved it! Thanks for this memory, Dollie De Ville.


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