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Happy Birthday to me!

3:55 PMDollie DeVille

Happy Birthday to me! Its my 23rd birthday today. Yay!

We celebrated on Saturday night, even though it was not planned. We went to the Redwood to see Blue Collar Combo and The SideWynders play. They were so nice and sang me birthday songs.

Blue Collar Combo!

The SideWynders!

There were also burlesque acts, including my favorite, Tira Mi Sou (is that how it is spelled?) Anyway, Alana made me a delicious heart shapped cake, in funfetti and strawberry, covered in pink frosting, purple frosting, and sprinkles! Fun!

She also gave me a beautiful blue vintage dress, a vintage dark blue sharkskin skirt (LOVE!) and like 5 pairs of vintage earring! My favorite are the pink confetti ones! Yay! She is the best friend ever! The SideWynders sang Happy Birthday to me, and that was really nice. It was a fun day.

Thanks to Travis and Mia for the vintage paper towel/saran wrap/foil holder!!!

Pretty blue dress! 

Sharkskin skirt! Thanks Alana!!!

Eat your heart out Rose!

Today I woke up to a really cute card from Zack. He got up at 6 am, which is hard for him, and took me to my favorite breakfast place. It was really nice. Then I came to work and my cubicle was decorated, and they bought me an ice cream cake. It was yummy! Then tonight Zack is making me turkey tacos on wheat tortillas (my favorite!) and homemade salsa. He also said he would give me a massage. All this on top of the Shaheen dress he bought me. What a sweet boy!

So, I bought something for myself for my birthday! Normally I get my one massage and facial for the year from a swanky spa (except for one year, my 19th, that I bought my first and only car, VW rabbit lovingly named Squabit, that I had to pay $312 registration for today), but this year I got this for the Viva Las Vegas car show:

Its an Alfred Shaheen playsuit with matching top!

I love it!

Happy Birthday to me! yay!


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  1. Happy birthday, social one! Love your loot. You MUST know by now that you are loved and appreciated. :)

  2. Happy birthday!! Shaheens make the best gifts :-)


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