Dont buy from this Ebay seller!

11:31 AMDollie DeVille

Warning to all my mid-mod and vintage lovers out there! This ebay seller has some nice stuff, including one Vintage Cosco Cart I bought on July 20th, but he just takes your money and runs! I paid him the same day the auction closed. After 8 days it said the item still had not shipped, so I sent this nice message to Repperts:

Based on Ebay, it says that you have not shipped this item yet. That may just be because you didn’t print the shipping label off of ebay. Has this item been shipped? Do you have a tracking number? When should I be receiving it?

I thought that was a fair question, no? By August 3rd there was no response from Repperts. So I contacted him yet again:

Where is my item? Payment was sent on July 20th and
he item has not been shipped yet. I also sent you
a message a few days ago with no response. So far,
your feedback on this isnt looking good.
That got a rise out of him! Here is his response:

you paid on july 30 today is aug 3 2010 iam in pittsburgh on the east coast and your in california on the west coast.come on give me a break here.whats the feedback conment mean??

Here is what I wrote him back:

I paid you on July 20th. That was 16 days ago. Per ebay it says that you have not even shipped the item. So, I sent you a message multiple days ago asking if you had shipped it. I still have not received it, so I messaged you yet again to see if you shipped it. I had to include a comment about leaving bad feedback so that you would get back to me. I don’t feel like I should have to do that, but since you don’t seem to have good communication, I felt it was necessary. Now, I ask a third time.....Has this item been shipped? If so, when and where is the tracking number? This isn’t that complicated. Most ebay sellers don’t have a problem with it. All I am asking is a simple question, which I don’t think is too much, considering that I paid you 16 days ago. I need that item. Thanks!

Ruppers never responded. Apparently he thinks its okay to take your money and not ship your item. I waited a little longer before I opened a claim with ebay. I reported that the item was not shipped and that I tried to work it out with the seller and he was unresponsive and when he did respond he did nothing to remedy the situation. I reported that I just wanted the cart shipped. He had 7 days to respond to the claim, which he never did. After the 7 days I had the option to take it to Ebay customer service for a decision, which I did. They refunded my money within 5 minutes. That was nice, but I really wanted the kitchen cart! Now I have no where to put my microwave. Thanks Ruppert!

I left some really nice feedback for him, which he responded to saying that I was a piece of work and very demanding. I responded to that saying that I didn’t think asking you to ship my item within a month after payment was too much to ask. Ha ha.

So, there is my cautionary tale on Rupperts. Please heed this warning and do not buy from Rupperts!

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  1. I was reading his feedback an look what someone left on June 19!
    "Cosco cart arrived in great shape. Thank you." He obviously sold it and forgot he had sold it. What a douchebag of a dealer...

  2. OMG!!!!! You are sooooo smart my little Kim!!! What a meanie head!!! errrrrrr.

  3. Ugh!What a lame.Sorry you had to deal with that

  4. That sucks. At least ya got your money back. Maybe you should make customer service aware that he sold the same cart twice.

  5. That really sucks! Good thing you got your money back, but still. And even if he had quite much good feedback also his attitude towards the negative and neutral feedback (also the other negative feedback than yours) was really really weird.

  6. :( That blows hard core, D... Sorry that happened to you...

  7. Thanks for the 'heads up' Miss Dolly!
    Guess you told you should have. Good on you! Hope you find another cart for the microwave.

  8. Good news!!! I DID find another cart, the first I have ever seen locally, and it is creamy yellow! Perfect! I saved money on it, and bought a cute vintage top too! Take that Rupperts! It looks amazing in my kitchen, and now I have so much more counter space. Yay!

    Thanks to all my fab readers!


  9. For every bad seller, there are good sellers! Sorry for the frustration, I know exactly how you feel!

  10. Wow, good catch Kim. Bad sellers are out there, *ugh* That cart was pretty awesome too!

  11. Oooh that sucks!
    Try craigslist.. you never know...
    I just scored one of these off craigslist for $30 bucks!!


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