B.B. King and Buddy Guy at the Hollywood Bowl

2:24 PMDollie DeVille

On Wednesday, Alana and Rene invited us to see B.B. King and Buddy Guy at the Hollywood Bowl. I had never been to the Hollywood Bowl, which is surprising because I have lived in the surrounding area most of my life. Zack had none been either, so we decided to take them up on their offer, even though it was a work night. We met at their house and drove over together. We parked at Hollywood and Highland to save money (it was $2 instead of $25). Then we took a little stroll to the bowl. There were a lot of street vendors selling hot dogs, drinks, and B.B. King t-shirts. The area around the bowl is really pretty with a nice park. There are also a lot of hills at the bowl, so they have really tall escalators everywhere. They have a gift shop, snack shop and bathroom at every level of the bowl, which was really convenient. They also have big flat screen TVs located all over, so you can see what is happening on stage when you are making potty trips. They let you bring in whatever you want, so Alana had packed a ton of snacks, sandwiches, and a cooler of beer for the occasion. We sat in the middle of the bowl and it was easy enough to see. The stage is huge and they have a really nice lighting setup.

 Buddy Guy was on first. He was really good with a lot of energy. He was a great guitar player, even playing with his teeth at one point. He went out into the audience for a large part of the show, and the crowd really liked that. Then they had an intermission and B.B. King was on next. This was my first time seeing B.B. King. I like blues though, so I thought I would like it all right. B.B. King is a legend, and he isn’t getting any younger, so this might have been my only opportunity to see him. He is a big guy in person! Ha ha. He sat for the entire show, but was still entertaining anyway. He still has just as good of a voice as ever, and he makes interesting facial expressions when he talks and sings. He talked a lot to the audience and got them to sing songs like “You Are My Sunshine.” He also made all the ladies in the audience kiss the men they came with. He was actually really perverted for his age, talking about taking “little blue pills” and such. Overall, it was a fun experience, mostly because of being in a nice place with good company. The price was great too! At only $8 per ticket, it was cheaper than a movie!

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