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Middy Long Here I Come!

4:13 PMDollie DeVille

Summer is officially here, and long hair is sooooooo last winter! So I am cutting it off and going for a Middy cut this summer. I don’t want it too short, so I am going for a Middy Long. I have been growing my hair out forever, trying to get a Jayne Mansfield ‘do. But, alas, I am not Jayne. As much as I want to be Jayne, I am not. I am Dollie, and Dollie looks best with short curly hair and a bow. So lets not fight it any longer. Lets embrace the Middy this summer! I have my appointment tomorrow at 12 for a cut and color, so wish me luck! This is what I am bring to my stylist tomorrow:

This is a Femme Fatale, basically a really long Middy.

I dont know how long I really want it (just touching my shoulders when curl tight and brushed out), so I dont know if what I want it really a Femme Fatale, so I am calling it a Middy Long. I will update you with pics asap!

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