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Its Finally Here! The VLV 14 Band Line-Up!

11:33 AMDollie DeVille


It has finally come, the moment we have all been waiting for!

Tom has posted the Viva Las Vegas 14 Band Linup!

So, without further delay, here it is:

Where to start? Jerry Lee Lewis is the main event, but no surprise to me, since I heard about it at the last VLV. The bigger surprise to me was THE BLASTERS!!! I have been saying that they need to play Viva forever. That will be a real treat. Unfortunately, both bands are only playing at the car show. Which means I will have to go. Ha ha. I was a little disappointed with the rest of the lineup. It lacks luster for me. But, I know Jerry Lee doesn’t come cheap! I also think that as usual, WILD is over-represented. I am happy to see The Caezars back though! They are the only WILD band I am in love with at the moment. I am happy to Jack Baymore and the Bandits, The B-Stars, Kim Lenz, and my friends The Hi-Lo Playboys on the line-up.

Also noted on the website is that the tiki pool party will take place on Fri, Sat and Sun! Whoooo hoooo. 3 days of leis, tiki cocktails, and sun! Does that mean I need 3 vintage playsuits? I better get shopping!

I have my hotel booked Tue-Mon. See you all there!

The count down begins!

264 Days Until VLV 14!


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  1. I just got the chills! What a line-up!

  2. I'm looking forward to the Sureshots and Jack Baymore and the Bandits. This time when Kim plays I will get to enjoy the show!! WooHoo! Of course the Caezars are going to be great. I don't think Wild! is over represented, since in my opinion, Wild! has some of the best talent there is! It will be great to see Gizelle and the amazing Rhythm Shakers again.

  3. Yeah, its a so-cal thing for sure. I get tired of them because they are played-out in LA. At VLV I want to see acts from other parts of the world that I never get to see. I can see WILD any night. For example- Lil Gizelle and Rhythm Shakers are playing 20 mins from me tonight, so see what I mean? I dont want to go all the way to Vegas to see them. ha ha. I forgot to mention Sonny Burgess too! I am excited for that.


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