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10:43 AMDollie DeVille

Sorry I fell off the face of the earth there. Sadly, I have not been much of a socialite lately. There are many reasons for this. One is that I have been sick. I had a sinus infection for a few weeks. That wasn’t cute, but I never let a little illness threaten my good time. The main reason I have not been very social is because I am broke. House broke actually. If you remember, we found “the house”. It’s the oldest house in the entire town! At least from what I can tell. It’s a 1954 cottage and it was built in the hills as a vacation home for a fellow who owned all the land in said hills. It was the perfect house for us, and very much in our budget at $194,000. We put in an offer $14,000 below asking with $7,000 closing costs included. We wanted help with the closing cost because we wanted to save some money for furniture…..and maybe an engagement ring. Ha ha. But they counter offered with $192,000 and $3,000 for closing. They said that this was their best offer. We wanted more for closing, so we asked if we could settle on $194,000 with $6,000 closing. They said no. Why? Because they said they worry that the house would not appraise for over $192,000 so they wouldn’t take anything over $192,000 and wouldn’t give anymore than $3,000 for closing. Hum. So, we looked into our budget and realized that we would just squeak by if we save every penny. So, we accepted the offer and set up a home inspection and appraisal.

 The home inspection went great. The home was taken care of very well. Basically everything is in perfect working order and there is no mold or termites. The appraisal on the other hand didn’t go so well. It appraised for $180,000 (our initial offer price). To most people that would be great news. To us, not so much. See, we are fine with the monthly mortgage amount. Where we are strapped is the closing cost. If the seller had to lower the price to $180,000 to meet the appraisal, we know she would take out the $3,000 for closing costs, and we didn’t have $3,000 more to put into closing cost. Ehhhhhh. But, we looked into the numbers again, and realized that since the sales price was $12,000 less, then the down and closing cost would go down a little, about $800 based on the new sales price. So, we were $2,200 short. But we really need this house! We already sold pretty much everything we could. We sold our 1955 Ford Fairlane to Japan. I listed and sold some clothing on myspace. The only thing of value we had left was Zacks 1957 Gibson Les Paul and Fender Hot Rod DeVille Amp. We went to Guitar Center this weekend and sold those for $1,250. So, we are closer, but still need to scrimp and save every little penny from now until closing. That’s why we cant really go out for the rest of the month. I promise that my posts will get more exciting after we move. Then I can blog all about decorating. Yay! We are having a yard sale this weekend to get rid of all the stuff we dont want to bring to the new house, so hopefully that will bring in something. I am still selling some clothes and home d├ęcor on my myspace, so check it out. We need all the help we can get!


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