Hello Vintage Cosco Cart!

1:54 PMDollie DeVille

Today’s Ebay acquisition is a vintage white and chrome cosco cart for my kitchen. It’s a little kitchen, so we need this for more space. We plan to put the most retro looking microwave we can find on it. Ha ha. We chose this one from LG:

It sort of looks atomic right? I like that the port hole is round instead of square.

In the kitchen we plan to paint the cabinet faces Burma Jade from Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern collection. That color perfectly matches our 50s cracked ice diner table (which we still need chairs for). The base of the cabinets will stay white. Hopefullly we can add some small round corner shelves here or there for added decor space.

This is the best example I can find on how we want to do the cabinets.

Then we plan to change the cabinet pulls to these vintage reproduction chrome boomerang pulls.

We are going to leave the Youngstown metal sink base white. That should make it stand out nice. We will paint the walls a light buttercream yellow.

Eventually we want to redo the counter tops with Formica’s Skylark print in teal.

Then we want to pull out the current tile and do a geometric vinyl tile pattern in cream, yellow and teal.

This is the patern floors we are going for.

We want to change out the current stove for a 1950s O’keef and Merrit, one of the ones with the fold down burner cover so we can use it as extra counter space when the oven is not in use. Everything in the 50s was designed with small spaces in mind, and how you can maximize that space, and we appreciate that! We eventually also want to get a 1954 GE fridge and freezer combo in white. Then I just need some matching novelty print curtains, and some vintage kitchen knickknacks. I can see it all now……

How the kitchen looks now.
Hey, I never said it would be easy!
But she has good bones to work with.

Eat in kitchen where the diner table will go.

Sorry, but you will have to wait a while until we release the "after" pics.


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  1. That formica top is awesome! I think your kitchen now looks great and is a perfect blank canvas...good luck!

  2. Ahhh, thanks a million from one Doll to another!


  3. Love the cart! My friend Rea has that pattern formica on her counter tops and it looks great.

  4. I have one of those carts!
    It's not in such great shape...maybe I will start nother project.......
    Luv the formica counter top...hmmm maybe The Mister needs another project ;)

  5. Your kitchen will be amazing when you're finished and I'm sure the rest of your house will be awesome, as well. So glad that you won the VintageChristine giveaway--and I think that microwave is a great way to use it. Congrats. And P.S.--I love your blog!

  6. Hey Dollie, I think I like what you like! Looking forward to your blogs.


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