West Coast Rockabilly Showdown

2:02 PMDollie DeVille

On Saturday afternoon we went to the OC Marketplace for the West Coast Rockabilly Showdown. This was the last day of a multi-week event, happening every Saturday in May. Each Saturday multiple bands played a 30 min set each, and the winner of each day would advance onto the finals June 5th. Amber Foxx, Karling Abbeygate and The Palaminos were the previous winners and are advancing to the finals. This past Saturday the Blue Collar Combo was going up against Becky and the Blacktones and the 454s. The winner of the finals gets a cash prize and gets to open up for James Intveld. We had to get up at 7am in order to get to the fairgrounds at 10:30am. I have never been to the OC marketplace before, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s the nicest swap meet I have ever been to. It’s more like a farmers market mixed with a fair and a swap meet. Ha ha. They had a ton of vendors and a ton of great fair food. I would recommend the beef brisket sandwiches and the giant churros. The stage area was big, with covered seating for the crowd and a dance floor area. They had two tents set up for the bands, and supplied water, towels and free lunch tickets. Blue Collar Combo was the first band up for the day. They traveled from the farthest distance (The band members are from Santa Clarita and Lancaster) and for that reason didn’t have a lot of people show up. But luckily, the crowd loved their traditional rockabilly sound and stuck around to show their support. I have a feeling the ladies liked their classic 50s looks too. He he. The ladies can’t resist the pompadours! The boys wore their standard matching blue collared shirts, cuffed jeans, and boots. Blue Collar Combo packed high energy and a lot of songs into their 30 minute set. Their set included rockabilly standards like “Flying’ Saucers Rock and Roll,” “Rattlesnake Daddy,” and “Dancin’ Doll.” They also did some of their originals like “Desert Rat,” “My Boppin’ Baby,” and “Redman Rock.” The set got the crowd moving and got people out on the dance floor. I had multiple people tell me they were the best and most classic rockabilly band they had seen so far in the competition, which was a huge compliment. It was noted that they set the bar high for the rest of the bands.

Blue Collar Combo

The next band up was a local band, Becky and The Blacktones. I have seen Becky and The Blacktones play before with Blue Collar Combo, so I knew what to expect. They are a fairly newer band to the scene, but they have been getting around. They are young too, with some members under 21. Becky is a super cute front woman, and always looks her best. For this show she wore a pink wiggle dress adorned with pies and accessorized with matching pink shoes, pink rose in her hair, and pearls. The boys backing her up always look sharp in their matching black suits, white ties, and black and white wing tips. Her voice is really good for the type of music she plays. Their sound is infused with classic blues, jazz and swing, and even a little psychobilly. They have a great saxophone player that really ties the sound together. Their set included standards like “Ooby Dooby”, “Angel Baby”, and “Black Cadillac”. They also did modern hits like Imelda May’s “Johnny got a Boom Boom”. They had friends and family show up to support them, and got a lot of hoots and hollers. We went into the showdown thinking they were the band to beat, and they proved to be touch competition.

Becky and The Blacktones

The last band of the afternoon was the 454s from LA. I had never seen them before, and had the misconception that they were a hot rod band. Their sound is influenced not only by Rockabilly, but by rock and roll, surf, punk, psychobilly, and also latin. The front man is very charismatic and really worked the crowd. They put on a good show and closed out the afternoon with lots of energy.

The 454s

At the end they announced that the winners were………


Congrats to my boys!!!!

The boys are dreamy I know.

With some new fans! Nice to meet you!

Come out and support the TOP FOUR competing bands at the West Coast Rockabilly Showdown FINALS on June 5th from 12pm to 4pm. The final four bands will compete on June 5th for a chance to open for Rockabilly legend, James Intveld on June 20th.
Saturday, June 5 12:00p to 4:00p at:

Orange County Market Place
88 Fair Drive - Orange County Fairgrounds
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Showdown Finalists:
Noon — Blue Collar Combo
1 pm — Amber Foxx
2 pm — The Palominos
3 pm — Karling Abbeygate

Psssshhhhh.....Here's the inside scoop:

Dancers get in free, get preferred parking, and free lunch! All you have to do is email your name to the promoter Jill Lloyd at Then you just have to show up and cut a rug with me and my girls. See you there!


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