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West Coast Rockabilly Showdown Finals

2:35 PMDollie DeVille

This Saturday was the West Coast Rockabilly Showdown Finals, and it was HOT HOT HOT! Not just the weather, but the showdown too! It was a friendly competition for sure, but a competition none-the-less. Everyone of the bands brought their A game in hopes of winning the number one spot, a cash prize of $1,000, and the chance to open for James Intveld on Sunday June 20th. You heard it right, Los Angeles’ own JAMES INVELD!

The showdown started promptly at noon with Blue Collar Combo from Santa Clarita/Palmdale. The response from last week’s showdown was overwhelmingly supportive. So the Blue Collar Combo had a ton of new OC fans show up to support them in the contest. The band changed up their set list to keep it fresh and interesting. The crowd really dug the covers like “Cadillac Man” and “Truck Drivin’ Man” that they added to the set. Of course they still did their traditional rockabilly favorites and most of their originals. The crowd was hoopin’, hollarin’ and dancing to show they were digging what they were hearing. The set was short and sweet, but Blue Collar Combo filled every minute with rockin’ tunes and high energy.

Blue Collar Combo on stage

Blue Collar Combo backstage being interviewed by Scott Stewart host of What's Up Orange County

The next band on was Anaheim’s sweetheart Amber Foxx. The support for Amber was also overwhelming, with fans coming from all over. Including modern rockabilly legend Big Sandy. Amber Foxx is never one to disappoint. Unfortunately, the bands drummer Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague was unavailable and could not attend this show, so they had to use a fill in drummer. The fill in drummer (Joe from Big Sandy and The Flyrite Boys) did a great job, but no one can replace Sugarballs. He does duets with Amber a lot, and we really missed him. The band overcame it though and showed what a tight professional band they are. Amber fit her most requested songs into her 30 minute set and left the crowd wanting more. I know I wanted more! Zack and I had a blast dancing to her music, and I know we were not the only ones. I relished in my opportunity to sell their merch and had a blast doing it. Everyone was scooping up her CDs! I couldn’t even take their money fast enough! No one can get enough of that foxy lady!

Miss Amber Foxx

Amber backstage being interviewed

Merch girl for hire!

The third band on in the showdown was The Palaminos from San Diego. They were hot, hot, hot! At least I imagine they were in their matching black western suits. They sure did look good though! The crowd loved their Bakersfield sound and enjoyed the opportunity to do some two stepping.

The Palaminos looked great in front of this barn!

Being interviewed for What's Up Orange County

The last act in the showdown finals was England’s own Karling “The Darling” Abbeygate. Karling has been playing non stop around southern California, and is really building a following here, and this event was no exception. The crowd ate up her sweet county western sound! I think I even saw some line dancing out there! Karling has a great backing band as well, with Wally (from the Lucky Stars) on bass and Tommy (from Amber Foxx) on guitar. I heard someone mention, “they are the band to beat”.

View from backstage of Karling Abbygate preforming

All of the bands rocked, rolled, and brought the house down at the finals of the West Coast Rockabilly Showdown. I really was a great line up, and everyone laid it all out on the stage up there. Picking the winner was going to be a very hard decision to make. I am glad it wasn’t on my shoulders. But, at the end of the afternoon, the results had to be announced.

The 4th place and $250 went to:
The Palaminos!
The 3rd place and $500 went to:

Amber Foxx!

The 2nd place and $750 went to……….

Karling Abbygate!
And that means…….

the grand prize of $1000 cash and the opening spot for James Inveld goes to……


"The blue collar band for the blue collar man"

A big congrats to my boys the Blue Collar Combo! They really worked hard and they deserve the recognition. Blue Collar Combo will go on at noon to open for James Inveld on Sunday, June 20. Intveld will perform from 1:30 pm. to 3 p.m.

James Inveld!

Congrats to Karling Abbygate, Amber Foxx and The Palaminos. They all put on great shows and proved to be stiff competition!

Thank you to Jill Lloyd of Zvents, Mark Liddell of the OC Marketplace, Pyramid Breweries, What's Up Orange County and everyone who made this event possible. This really was one of the most enjoyable and best organized events I have every attended. The schedule ran perfect every day (which is a very huge accomplishment in itself), the sound was great, and everyone was just as nice as can be. They treated the bands so well, keeping them well hydrated in the heat and feeding them really well too! I am sure they all appreciated all of your hard work throughout the event.
I can’t wait to see you all on Sunday June 20th for Blue Collar Combo and James Inveld! Entrance is free with a canned food donation. That’s right, FREE!!!! Where else can you see such a great show for free? Nowhere, so that’s why I expect to see you all there!


Posing with the cars on display

With Robert, AKA Big Sandy

With a new fan!

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