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James Intveld

4:52 PMDollie DeVille

On Sunday we went to the OC Marketplace to see James Intveld. The winner of the West Coast Rockabilly Showdown, Blue Collar Combo, was opening up for him. Unfortunately, I have a head cold and wasn’t feeling so great, but I tried not to let that get in the way. I have really grown to love the OC marketplace in the time I have spent there. The staff, show promoters, and audience are so friendly! I have made so many new friends and fans there, it seems like we were getting stopped every few minutes with people wanting to talk to us and take our picture. I swear they are trying to make my head big! Ha ha. Before Blue Collar Combo went on we all had a mini photo shoot for promo of next years Rockabilly Showdown. The pictures came out really cute, and it was a lot of fun.

I'm taking these boys for a ride!

With the boys

Then Blue Collar Combo went on. What else can I say about them? Except that everyone loved them as always! I got out on the dance floor as much as possible, even though I was not feeling well, and I inspired some other ladies to do the same. We had a good time dancing out there. At the end the crowd demanded an encore and we squeezed one more song out of them! Then we got some yummy lunch and sat backstage to watch James Intveld. He opened up with “Ring of Fire”, from the big daddy himself, in honor of father’s day. Then he brought his own father on stage to sing a song or two. His dad Frank Intveld is in his 70s, but man did he have a great voice! Now I know where James gets it from. Frank did a few Elvis tunes, including “Teddy Bear” and “Its Now or Never”. Elvis is not easy to imitate, but he did a great job. You could tell James really loves him and it was nice to see the softer side of James. Then James did one of his earlier tunes and dedicated it to Blue Collar Combo. That was really a nice thing to do, and a big honor to the boys. James did a really nice long set, about an hour and a half, and did all of my favorites like “One Sweet Letter,” “All The Way from Memphis,” and “Modern Don Juan”. It really was a very special intimate show, good spirited, and all American family fun for Fathers Day. If you missed this free show, you missed out!

Bopping to the Blue Collar Combo!

Untill next time!


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