The Fairlane goes to Japan!

4:10 PMDollie DeVille

As I have mentioned before in a previous blog, we have been trying to sell our 1955 Ford Fairlane. We have had it since the beginning of our relationship in 2005 and it was our first classic car, so we are a little sentimental about it. We love it, but sometimes it was more work than it was worth. It was a pain getting it ready for a car show. Then it was a pain to get it to the car show, paying the entrance fee, parking it, etc. We took it to Primer Nationals, Back to the Beach, Bobs Big Boy, and Viva a few times. On the way to Viva in 2006 it broke a ball joint on the freeway. We had to tow it to Vegas, keep it in the shop for days, and extend the trip, all on a credit card. It almost ruined my first viva. Almost. It really was just a money pit. For the last few years we have only taken it out a few times. We never really go to car shows much anymore, as it’s not really our scene. Zack is rockabilly, not a greaser. Ha ha. We have been trying to sell it off and on for over a year now, mostly because we want that money to put toward a down payment on a house. We had a lot of people come to test drive it, but no offers. Finally we had an offer from a Japanese buyer. He buys American cars, fixes them up, ships them over, and gets top dollar from Japanese buyers. We feel bad selling our car over to Japan, but no American wanted to buy it! So, last night he brought an envelope full of hundreds, and we let him take the car. We had a celebratory bottle of champagne waiting for just this occasion. Then we had a romantic dinner at our favorite little Italian restaurant. I wanted Japanese because I thought it was appropriate, but Zack doesn’t really like Japanese. Ha ha. We are glad to be done with that headache. Now, onto new headaches!

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  1. "but no American wanted to buy it!" What a BS excuse. American steel needs to stay in America. Thanks for nothing.

    1. Sad but true. If you had $12,000 we woud have sold it to you!


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