Chumbuckets and SideWynders at Weber’s

1:57 PMDollie DeVille

On Thursday night we went to see The SideWynders and Captain Jeffrey and his Musical Chumbuckets at Weber’s. Both bands are amazingly talented and also good friends of mine. The SideWynders went on first and got the crowd out on the dance floor. The dance floor is tiny, but we manage! The SideWynders are one of the tightest bands I have seen, especially compared to the amount of time they have been playing together. So, they rarely mess up. At the end of the set Ramon sang “Cash on the Barrelhead” for me, but forgot the words to the second verse. He fumbled with it, but the band just kept playing the song and he picked up the words for the chorus. It was a very rare moment for them but wildly entertaining. They played out the song, he apologized for forgetting the words, and then they did another song. Its moments like this that show how good a band really is. They were able to laugh it off and move on, and that shows how professional a band they really are. The SideWynders are honestly really nice guys too. They are one of my favorite LA based bands on the scene right now, and I am so thankful to call them my friends.

The SideWynders with Captain Jeff on lap steel

The next band on and the headliners for the night were Captain Jeffrey and His Musical Chumbuckets. They are a hillbilly/hobo jazz band from the San Fernando Valley and were right at home playing at Weber’s. They are very young as a whole, but individually and together are wonderfully talented beyond their years. They do a lot of covers that you don’t hear much, like “Chinese Honeymoon” by Milton Brown, “Black and White” by Django Reinhardt, and “Honeysuckle Rose” by Fats Waller, and some creative originals like “Canby Ave Shuffle”, “Down in the Valley” and “Geometry”. In addition to the usual line up, they had Zach Mayerwitz on the trumpet (who is on their CD but isn’t at every show), which added a lot to their sound. As I have said before, Captain Jeffrey is a great front man and so enjoyable to watch. This was a great show for a Thursday night. Thanks to Karen and Weber’s for putting it on!

Captain Jeffrey and His Musical Chumbuckets

To check out their show dates and buy their CDs, go to:

Me with the promoter Karen

Alana and Carlitos

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