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4:57 PMDollie DeVille

On Sunday morning my hangover made sure to get me up nice and early. I killed the time at the antique mall. I found a lot of new treasures, including a pink and gold 50s lamp, and a set of Lucite vanity lamps. I decided to pass up the lamps this time around, because I just got two new lamps last month. Ha ha. Instead I bought that pink depression glass hand I had been wanting. I got it to place on my vanity and show off my rings and such. I really love it. After that I took a little nap and got ready for BOWLARAMA! This was my first time to the infamous All Star Lanes. It’s right out of the 50s with its kitschy green diamond walls, gold confetti bench seats, and retro colored bowling balls. It’s a big place, with an arcade room, a bar with stage, dance floor, and booth/ table seating, and another restaurant and bar area. Oh, and lots and lots of bowling lanes with more tables and seating. The first band on the lineup for the night was Becky and The Blacktones. Unfortunately they had a scheduling error and canceled last minute. So, Blue Collar Combo went on first. They had the band set up in the large carpeted arcade area because there was another event happening in the restaurant area. It was still early, so a lot of people were not there yet. They still put on a good show despite the small crowd.

Blue Collar Combo

Next up was The Rip ‘Em Ups. There was a better crowd by this time. The Rip ‘Em Ups rock-n- roll/rockabilly tunes really got the crowd moving. Unfortunately we were in a carpeted room that wasn’t the best for dancing, but we never let that stop us! The front man is very energetic and was entertaining to watch.

The Rip 'Em Ups

The next band on for the night was the Phil Friendly Trio, featuring Travis and Brandon from Blue Collar Combo on drums and bass. Phil has been on the rockin’ scene for many years now, but is new to so cal. He just moved here from Europe. He is a traveling man and has really been everywhere. His sound is influenced by his good friends Glen Glenn and Mac Cutis. He put on a good show and the crowd seemed to really like him from the look of his CD sales.

Phil Friendly Trio

Then the show was moved into the bar area with the stage and the dance floor. The first band on that stage was Bad Luck Bandits. Their sound was really psychobilly/punk rock/ska influenced. I don’t know if they fit in with the rest of the bill per se, but they seemed to have a lot of fans there. After the band there was some burlesque by Vixen Magdalena and Dolly Danger.

Vixen Magdalena

The band on after that was The 454s. They played a different set then the night before, doing a lot more latin songs. Mainly because the crowd was digging it and the dance floor was packed. Vixen Magdalena and Dolly Danger did one more burlesque act each before the next band went on.

Dolly Danger

The headliner for the night (and the best band IMO) was The SideWynders. They are a 4 piece hillbilly jazz/western swing/rockabilly band from LA. Rene is a great front man and has a perfect voice for the music. They always pack the dance floor with swingers and jivers, and this night was no exception. They played a nice long set, including one of my favorites, “Cash on the Barrelhead” dedicated to yours truly. I love these guys, so there was no better way to end the night. Thanks to Will of Bad Seed Productions for putting on the show. See you next time!

The SideWynders Boys

Jen brought me homemade pumpkin bread! My favorite!
This one was shapped a little odd though. he he

Dancing with Alana

With one of my blog readers!
He found the event on my blog, and found me there.
How exciting!

Another new fan. Yay!

What a fun weekend. We spent monday sleeping and relaxing. We also made some amazing homemade salsa and turkey tacos. Delicious!

See you all next time!


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