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Blue Collar Combo and Almon Loos at Brunch Americana

2:52 PMDollie DeVille

This Sunday we went to Hillbilly DJ Jeff’s Brunch Americana at the Redwood Bar and Grill in downtown LA. It was the perfect way to recoup after all that sun on Saturday. A dimly lit bar and a cold beer were right up our alley! Blue Collar Combo (Santa Clarita and Palmdale/Lancaster’s #1 rockabilly band) were celebrating their win at the West Coast Rockabilly Showdown. Beating SoCal’s leading 10 bands is no small feat! So they celebrated with some ice cold beer and some rockin’ good music. Blue Collar Combo went on stage about 1ish and got the party kicked off. They did a nice long set full of their best material. They even did “Blue Days, Black Nights” on request. There was dancing, drinking, and plenty of hootin’ and hollarin’. It was a roaring good time.

Blue Collar Combo in their namesake blue collared shirts

The closer for the afternoon was Almon Loos and the Hoop N Hollars. This was the bands debut show. Almon has been talking up the band for a long time now, so we were looking forward to seeing them. He had Bobby (of Amber Foxx, also her husband) on slap bass, Carlitos (of The Chumbuckets) and drums and Danny on guitar. Almon was the front man and played acoustic guitar. The band didn’t waste any time jumping into the high energy fast paced set. Almon lived up to be the wild front man he claimed to be. They did a lot of classic rockabilly covers and a few of Almon’s originals. At one point Almon left the stage to get a drink while the band did an instrumental. Although he proved to be a male diva when he didn’t come back after the end of the song and left the band hanging. Oh that crazy Almon! They did a standard length set, but left the crowd wanting more at the end. I guess they used all of their material for the set and didn’t have any other songs they had practiced. All and all it was good for a band that only had 3 prior practices and no prior shows. Almon Loos and the Hoop N Hollers are booked this weekend at Ink-N-Iron and also at the upcoming Rhythm Rocker Weekend in Long Beach Oct 15th, 16th and 17th. I look forward to seeing what happens in the future with this band, and I know I am not the only one!
Almon Loos and the Hoop N Hollars
cool guitar

The boppin' machine: Francois Nordmann!!

Alana, Amber and I looking rather summer-y

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