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The Weekend Before Last.....Before its too late!

11:47 AMDollie DeVille

Fri April 23th was Sugarballs’ birthday party at Blue Dog in Long Beach. He played there with Amber Foxx. This was the first time I have been to the Blue Dog. It is an odd place. It’s very long and narrow. In the front the bar is along the left wall, with booths along the right wall, and in the back there is a kitchen on the left and pool tables on the right. The band is wedged between the booths and the pool tables, staring into the kitchen. Not the best set up, but the band made it work. It was just cozy. The drink prices are fabulous, with the biggest beers on tap I have ever seen, at just $6.25 for PBR. They also have the best tacos made fresh at $5 for 3. The band was great, and had a lot of fun on stage with Sugarballs. It was his birthday, so they let him sing all of his theme songs again. There wasn’t much room for dancing, but we found a little spot and made it work. I wore a new vintage 40s secretary top in pink, and the little rhinestone buttons didn’t want to stay in the holes, and made me slowly undress each time I danced! It was really comical. Thank goodness I wear undershirts! I paired it with a black vintage A-line rayon skirt, and black 40s peep-toe slingbacks. I will try and find a pic for you guys. I had made a chocolate cake for Sugarballs’ birthday, but unfortunately it fell apart while I frosted it. So Sandra saved the day and bought him a cute oreo cake that we all enjoyed. We all had a good night and I think Sugarballs enjoyed his birthday.

Miss Amber Foxx

Memo and I with big ass beers!

Happy Birthday Sugarballs!

Zack and I were pooped at the end of the night

The next night was Cher’s 40th birthday party in Fullerton that was hosted by Tom Plante of the Midnight Boys. The Palaminos, The Midnight Boys, Buddy & Suzie Combo, and The Sidewynders played. I had never seen The Palaminos or The Midnight Boys before, but I really enjoyed them! The Sidewynders are amazing, so I always look forward to seeing them. This time around Zack played acoustic with them on Bird Dog Boogie, and it was a hoot. Buddy & Suzie played with a slightly different lineup then I have seen before, and they all had lavender bow ties to match Suzie’s dress. It was really cute. The bands were all great, but the additional use of electricity blew the breaker in the back portion of the house, which was unfortunate for the very accommodating host. The house had a great open concept that was great for house parties. There was also a cute little pool and a nice BBQ. There was plenty of people, food and drinks. There was even a little room for dancing. All you need for a great party! I made Cher a cute little pink cake with a “miniature lucite heel” on the top, which was really a Cinderella slipper I think. Either way it was cute and tasty, and everyone loved it. I wore my Freddie’s jeans with my new blue atomic halter bra top from Atomic Swag and my white remix wedges. A very successful party in my opinion.

Cakes By Dollie

Mr. Host Tom Plante showing off the goods

Buddy and Suzie starting the night off right

The birthday girl and I

Me, Cher and Alana with The Palaminos

Memo, Amber "Mad dog", and Jordan "Im a fuckin' rapper, dude!"

Cher blowing out the cake

The SideWynders closed out the night. Zack guesting on guitar

Then on Sunday we spent the day recovering!

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