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Attention all Hepkittin’s and Honey Dippers! This just in:

Flowers are out, and bows are in!
Hair flowers have been a long standing staple in a rockabilly gals arsenal, but I know I am not the only one thinking it’s a little worn out. We want to be fabulously fresh, not worn out! So I am here to share one of my latest obsessions: BOWS! Bows are young, cute and fresh, in that sexy juvenile delinquent way! They are so cheap and easy to find too! I just head down to my favorite craft store, and buy ribbon by the yard. I use about 1 and ¼ a yard to make the perfect headband bow. Now you don’t want it too long, because it gets floppy and saggy, and we don’t want to associate ourselves with those words! Keep it short so it is perky! I prefer a matte color for a vintage look. We don’t want our bow to out shine our hair, now do we? Leave the shiny ribbon for the wee ones. I also don’t like it too thick or too thin either. It has to be just right. It has to make a statement but not overpower the hairstyle. Remember gals, a bow is an accessory; it is not to take the place of a well executed hairstyle. Bows are timeless, so why do they seem to be lost in time? I don’t see many people wearing them anymore. If you do your research, I guarantee you will find just as many WWII pinups, Hollywood starlets, and songbirds in bows as in hair flowers, if not more! Here are a few I just dug up:

Those shorts! The top! The shoes!
......and a bow to top it off!
Perfect look for a summer day.

Again a perfect outfit, topped off with a great hairstyle and a cute red bow!

Here's how a modern Doll does it!
At Viva Las Vegas with Claire.
I got this hairstyle idea from Betty Grable.

Have fun with this "trending now" tip! Make sure to try it out and send me the pics!


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