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11:56 AMDollie DeVille

Sorry I have been slow to update my blog. I have been super busy! I am currently picking up a second job to help save for our new home. The Fairlane still remains unsold on Craigslist LA, so we are scrimping every penny to come up with the down payment for our house. We are really hoping to buy by the end of the year. So, sadly I will not be able to update my blog as often because I will be working a second job at night. But, in the process of planning for the new house, I have started redecorating our imaginary home. We are going for a mid-century, slightly modern, modest concept in a seafoam/teal color palate. Sadly, we live and work in a very new town. The oldest houses here are mid 60s, and people don’t appreciate history here, so the older houses have not been up kept and are mostly in an unlivable state of disrepair, or are out of our price range. So, we will most likely be purchasing something built in the 80s, and have to take it back in time. At least everything will be structurally and functionally up to date, so we will only have to work on cosmetics. It will be fun remodeling and we are up for the challenge. We are completely changing decorating styles for the new house so I have to shop for all new furniture, darn! I can’t shop for clothing, but house wares are justified! I have already picked out a new sofa. It is a blue wool mid-century 3 seater, with a slightly modern feel. It’s in great condition, as it was covered with a sheet most of its life, and we will be only the 3rd owner. We are picking it up Sat from Eagle Rock. Sugarballs and Sandra are selling me an amazing 50s lamp in teal that will look just fabulous with it! I already have a set of cream, pink, and green tropical barkcloth curtains that will look great in the new living room, and I saw a set of barkcloth pillows at the antique mall that would match as well. I also have found a new 50s diner table in a seafoam laminate with collapsible sides. It’s larger than our current red one, so I am happy with the upgrade. I just need to find chairs to match it, as our current ones are black and red. We also have picked out the type of countertops we want, reproduction Skylark Laminate in aqua. I have the sample at my house to match colors, but those will have to wait. I have some pics of the furniture we are picking up this Saturday, so I will attach them.

Our new couch comes home sat.

Countertops of the future!

From the Sprauge house to the Simpson house!

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