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Rockabilly Friday Night at Weber’s

9:49 AMDollie DeVille

On Friday we went to Rockabilly Friday Night at Weber’s in Reseda. We got there about 10ish after visiting Sandra and Sugarball’s house to pick up our new 50s teal lamp. Our lamp is beautiful by the way, but more about that later! I know you all want to know what I wore, so here it goes: I wore a 50s red wool pencil skirt that has these amazing pockets, with a pink 50s sweater with this cute detailing at the neck and sleeves, vintage red peep toe slingbacks, a red celluloid necklace and some red and pink bangles. I styled my hair after the pinup on the new Bowl-a-Rama flyer (more to come on that, stay tuned). Its a cute faux bang with a red bow.
Sugarballs knows how to pour a beer

The woman of the house. 

Their dog and I made out. I love her.

When we got to Weber’s I met up with Alana in the VIP area upstairs and had a few beers until the main event started. There were a few opening bands and some burlesque acts. Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys were the headliners. I love them and am lucky to get to see them a lot. The band was a long way from home, but that didn’t stop them from putting on a great show. They took requests from the audience and played all of the hits. Friday night brings a great crowd. No trouble makers there so far. Everyone was having a good time and dancing when they could find a spot to. While I was dancing I was being filmed for a Belgian beer commercial that is rockabilly themed. They filmed me putting on 100 coats of lipstick too. I just had to sign a release and everything. I will keep you all updated if anything comes out of it. The band played until the lights came on, it was a really nice long set. Thanks to Karen for booking such a great band, and thanks to Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys for coming out to our neck of the woods! What a great way to kick off the weekend. Hope to see you all at Weber’s next Friday night for The Lucky Stars!

Robert AKA Big Sandy

Ashley AKA the coolest man ever named Ashley

Crazy cocktails in a test tube. I wouldn't recommend it, but it was bought for me. 

Alana is the best. This is my favorite pic ever. She is really all about the music, and thats why I love her. 

Visit to see Robert’s tour dates, photos, blog and to buy their CDs.

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