Our new furniture comes home!

9:50 AMDollie DeVille

We had to get up bright and early Saturday morning (after being out ‘til about 3am the night before), so that we could go pick up our new couch and diner table. Well, they are new to us, but are actually vintage pieces. We met up with Rene and Alana for breakfast at this really old little breakfast joint in Eagle Rock. The place had a charming family feel to it. We sat on an enclosed covered patio that was surrounded by my favorite smelling flower, star jasmine. I was in heaven! Alana and I shared the infamous rainbow burrito, and it was amazing! We left stuffed and headed over to pick up our couch from a few blocks away. We found the couch on Craigslist, and knew it would be perfect for the look we are planning for the new house. In the picture it looks like a light blue, but the picture doesn’t do it justice! It’s a beautiful medium blue, with a hint of green, so almost a teal wool. It has some amazing flecking and is in great vintage shape! It will look perfect with our mid-century, slightly modern look we are going for. It’s so comfy too. You sink down into it and never want to get up again. But then it springs right back to life when you get up. Genius! Zack and Rene had to carry it down 3 stories to get it into the truck, so it did get a little dirty in a few spots. Nothing I can’t handle. Thanks to our strapping boys for moving the couch for me! Next we went over to Burbank to pick up our 50s diner table. It’s a sea foam colored cracked ice laminate top with chrome siding and legs. The sides fold down making in fit into the littlest of kitchens. There was a little bit of rust on the legs, but nothing a brillo pad and a little elbow grease won’t fix! When we got our new stuff home we got it all cleaned up and took a well deserved nap on our new couch!

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