Oh lucky me! It's The Lucky Stars!

12:17 PMDollie DeVille

I had the day off Friday, so I went and got my hair done. Just a color and cut like normal. Then after that I went walking around Castaic Lake for a few hours. It was quiet and peaceful there. The weather was warm and sunny. It was my first time to Castaic Lake, and it was a lot nicer then I imagined. It’s like a little oasis hidden in the desert. My only beef is that they charge for parking, something outrageous like $12, and only take cash. I ended up parking at a shopping center about ½ a mile away. No big deal, since I went to get some exercise anyway. That evening we had someone come to take a look at the Fairlane. We are trying to sell it to use toward a down payment on our house. So far we have not had much luck. It’s a good car, but everyone seems to want a perfect old man car, and that’s not what it it’s. It’s a kustom and some people just don’t get it. We couldn’t really read him, so we are just waiting to see if he calls back or not.

That night we went to Weber’s for Rockabilly Friday Night. The Lucky Stars, Captain Jeffrey and His Musical Chumbuckets, and Karling Abbeygate were on the bill. There was also a burlesque act by Betsey Bosen. Karling “the darling” opened up the night. This was my first time seeing her. Apparently she used to do a sort of alt-rock-punk thing, and has just recently (within the last few years) gotten into rockabilly. At least that is what multiple reliable sources have told me. She has a great backing band (I think that was Wally on bass) and a good voice. Her image could use improvement in my opinion, but maybe that’s the look she was going for. She wore a little lace up corset top and a short short petticoat skirt in black and red with black cowboy boots. She liked to twirl a lot so her skirt would fly up and you would see her ruffly butt panties. I guess that is normal stage getup. She did a lot of classic female rockabilly and country tunes. The older men sitting next to us seemed to really like her, and commented that she was like Patsy Cline. I don’t know if I quite agree with that assessment though. She was good, but no Annita or Amber. Next up was my good friends, the Chumbuckets. They know how to really get a party going. Captain Jeffrey is a great front man and really entertaining to watch. They always have a blast on stage and really get the crowd excited. Everyone loved their hillbilly jazz. They were the perfect band to get the crowd excited for The Lucky Stars. What can I say about the Lucky Stars? Besides that they are the best western swing band in the USA. They are all extremely talented and charming to boot! I am lucky (pun intended) that I get to see these boys on a regular basis. The show was amazing like always and they kept playing until they got kicked off stage.

The Lucky Stars!

Love that JW

Wave to the camera Stuckey!

If you have not noticed, I am still missing all of my eyelashes from Viva. I guess they take awhile to grow back. Lesson learned: Fake eyelashes are not worth it. Keep your real ones instead! 

Zack dancing with the beautiful and very fashionable Monica

This is a very rare picture. Look closely. It may just look like a pic of me at the end of the night being pooped. It is, but it's so much more. I actually didn’t realize there was a camera around me! My radar must have been pooped out. But Zack actually noticed the camera and smiled. How weird! Thanks to Cara who captured this rare moment and emailed the picture to me!
Also note my vintage black and blue/silver rickrack squaw dress from Alana. Thanks Alana!

Check out the links below to see when the bands are playing next and to buy their CDs:

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