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Brunch Americana

4:53 PMDollie DeVille

If you were not at the Brunch Americana this Sunday, you missed out! Amber Foxx started off the afternoon right. I always go on and on about Amber, and not just because she is my friend, but because she is the best female singer on the rockin’ scene for the last few years now. She is also the sweetest girl ever. There was not a huge crowd when she started, so there was plenty of room to dance.

Amber looking fabulous on stage as always

The highlight of the set was when she plugged her latest CD as High “Fart” Party. It was a good laugh and became a running joke for the day. She pulled it off so gracefully, laughing, but went on with the set and never broke a sweat. Next on was Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague and His 18 Wheelers. The show was its usual truckin’ good time, but the real excitement for me was his lineup addition. Zack Simpson (the most wonderful sweet boyfriend in the whole world) joined Chris Sprague, Frank Sprague, Shorty Poole, Dave Stuckey, and Dave Berzansky on stage and rocked some twangy acoustic rhythm guitar. It was a great addition and really added to the sound. He didn’t look too bad either! We needed some young blood to make up for Stuckey back there. Totally kidding, we love Stuckey to death. he he.

The headliner was Lucky Tubb, Earnest Tubb’s great nephew. The crowd really built by this time, and everyone was ready to do some serious honky tonkin’. Lucky did a lot of great covers, especially of Earnest's. His voice was amazing, and his backing band was great. It’s sort of an inside joke that I yell out “Honky Tonk Man” to every band I see. I have not found one band yet that does it! Well, I thought Lucky had a great voice to do Johnny Horton, so I yelled it out a few times. Every time I did, he would reply, “We don’t do Hank Williams.” I kept yelling that the song isn’t by Hank Williams, but by Johnny Horton. Then he asked me if I even know who Earnest Tubb is! Whaaa haaaaa haaaaa. I know I don’t look like I would know my honky tonk, but I’ll tell you what, as reigning Miss Hillbilly Dumplin’ 2009, I could show him a thing or two. My hepkittins and I just decided that he didn’t know HIS honky tonk. Or maybe he was drunk. I know I was! It was all in good fun though. His set was great for dancing and all us drunkards really enjoyed it! We hope to have him back at the Redwood next time he is in LA. Now, I know you read through all of that just waiting to see what I wore, so here it is! I wore a pair of vintage Jantzen white capris, a vintage black wrap top, and a pair of vintage black peeptoe heels with a tiny little platform. I played up the hotrod girl look with a pompadour, big ponytail, and black bow. Pictures to come soon! Thanks to all who came out to The Brunch Americana to support the bands and DJ Hillbilly Jeff. It was great seeing you all there!

Zack and Tom are twinsies

Sugarballs and His 18 Wheelers

Duet with Amber

Stuckey and Alana dancing

Lucky Tubb

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