Beer at Disneyland! Hip Hip Hooray!

12:20 PMDollie DeVille

On Sunday Zack and I went to Disneyland. We went into California Adventure first and had lunch. We had bread bowls on the pier and it was delicious! Then we went on a few rides and such. This month California Adventure is hosting a Food and Wine Festival. They had food demonstrations, wine tasting, and beer tasting set up all around the park. We did a beer from around the world tasting and it was a load of fun. A few of our favorites were Long Board from Hawaii, Red Trolley Ale from San Francisco, and Magners cider from Ireland. Magners was my favorite because it is like Strong Bow, my new favorite drink. Thanks to Amber and Bobby for showing that one to me. It was fun to be around adults and drink in the middle of Disneyland. Ha ha. That was a highlight of the day for sure. We got a little buzz and then continued on with more rides. We left about 11pm that night, after lots of walking, eating and spending money.

We woke up really late that morning, so I didnt have time to be cute. I am just wearing Levi's 505s and my favorite sweatshirt from

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