The Backwoods Inn

12:07 PMDollie DeVille

On Thursday night we went to Backwoods Inn to celebrate Zack’s little brother’s birthday. Backwoods Inn is the oldest Steakhouse in Santa Clarita Valley. It has been there since 1968, which is old for Santa Clarita. This place is my kind of steakhouse. It’s basically a glorified shack out in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by huge old trees. The inside is dark, quiet, and kind of musty. All off the walls are lined in cabinets full of old antique junk. The floor is covered in sawdust. All of the waitresses have been there for centuries and sound like they have been smoking for centuries too. I think they are all named Flo. The service and food is good though. Zack and I shared the filet mignon, loaded baked potato, garlic bread, and finished the meal with the Backwoods Coffee. The meal was served on a nice set of old china. Overall it’s a fun place to go. It is different then all of the other steakhouses in Southern California, so in that way it is refreshing. I would recommend it.


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