Antique Mall Adventure

12:18 PMDollie DeVille

On Saturday we had lunch at my favorite restaurant Spumoni’s. We were celebrating Zack’s Mom’s birthday. It seems like it’s always someone’s birthday! Spumoni’s is a little Italian joint here in Santa Clarita. The place is really charming and quaint. It’s a white table cloth place, but it doesn’t feel pretentious like most places around here. The service is always amazing. I know the owner and all of the staff, so I always get great treatment, a discount and free dessert. The food is really the best. I love the bread! Yum! I got the gnocchi in a pink sauce with shrimp. To die for. After we had our fill, Zack and I went over to the Antique mall. We browsed for a few hours and found lots of great stuff. Zack ended up deciding on a vintage foot heater. It looked really atomic and was painted a cool turquoise color. It was super heavy too. It looks like it would catch the house on fire if we ever tried to plug it in, so we just plan to put it on display in the new livingroom. I picked up one of those ceramic hand-painted Japanese ladies head vase. She is a really pretty blonde in a teal hat and dress. I have been wanting one forever and all of my girl friends have them, so it was about time I picked one up. They had two more there, a brunette and a redhead. Anyone want to buy those for me?  Next I want one of those ceramic hands to hold my rings. They had a few there, even one that was depression glass. Hopefully they will still be there next time I go.

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