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Crazy Weekend with Amber Foxx and Deke Dickerson!

2:45 PMDollie DeVille

On Thursday night we went to go see our friend Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague in his band Sugarballs and His 18 Wheelers play at Weber’s in Reseda. This was part of Weber’s new “Western and Roots Thursdays” put on by our friend Karen. We met Sugarballs, Sandra, Rene and Alana there. We have never been to Weber’s, but had heard a lot about it. Apparently Weber’s has been there a really long time. The place is pretty cool. It has a good size stage, lots of seating, tons of flat screen TVs (where they show movies and the band that is on stage) and they have a nice VIP area upstairs for the bands, where they had beer, water, soda, sandwiches and cookies. You can tell they really want to take care of the bands. Weber’s also has a full menu and bar. They had a lot of beers on tap including Miller High Life for $2! What a steal. They also have a lot of imported beers by the bottle. We didn’t try the food, but the prices were fair and it looked good. Sugarballs always puts on an entertaining show, and this Thursday night was no different! His truck driving music always makes you feel good. He covered East Bound and Down, Truck Drivin’ Man, and 6 Days on the Road. He also did some old honky tonk and country covers (think Hank Williams) that were a hit with the western swing crowd. He also played a few rockabilly jivers for me and Zack to dance to. The night started getting really crazy when he did a trio of sugarballs theme song parodies. That was a riot! One of the audience members, Elizabeth (the bartender from Joes) kept yelling out for Sugarballs to take his shirt off, so Sugarballs said he would if she took hers off first……and she did! Sugarballs upheld his part of the deal and took his off too! This was one crazy show! She was dancing around in just a pink bra, then she got on stage to trade shirts with Sugarballs. I have never seen that at a show before! He said none of it was planned, but he just went with it. It was a good laugh for sure, and some people got some funny pictures. Oh, and I know you all just want to know what I wore, so I will try and attach pics to this post later. When I actually find a free moment to load them. I wore a cute outfit I got from my bestie Alana: a vintage tan wool skirt, with a vintage black sweater top that was trimmed at the neck and shoulders with tan and gold, and my black suede remix wedges.

With Sandra

I had Friday off so I got to sleep in a bit. Then I went for a tour around our local antique mall. I check it out every few weeks to see if there is anything new. I ended up buying a new cream colored lucite purse, pink 40s secretary top, and a cream colored carved resin ring. Shopping at the antique mall is a load of fun and a great way to start the weekend! The Bonebreak Syncopaters were playing that night at the Redwood, but we decided to head back to Weber’s for their Rockabilly Fridays Nights to see Deke Dickerson and the Eccophonics. We had heard rumors that Crazy Joe Tritschler was going to be in town from Ohio and playing with Deke. I can’t miss Crazy Joe, so sorry to Stuckey for missing his Bonebreaker’s show! But luckily the rumors were true and Crazy Joe was there. He went straight from LAX to Weber’s and they put on a fantastic show. Everyone knows how much I love Crazy Joe, so I don’t need to talk anymore about how talented he his. He was on electric bass, with Deke on electric guitar and Sugarballs on drums. What a great line up! The whole band is so talented that they all switched instruments throughout the show, so each member got to play each instrument. That was really entertaining to watch. Deke and Crazy Joe also both played Deke’s double neck guitar at the same time, and Crazy Joe played his mini guitar. The place was packed and it was a good crowd, except the token drunk guy glued to the barstool next to us. He started out okay, saying that I “was the most beautiful girl he has ever seen besides on TV or on a postcard”, but then ruined it by asking “If I was wearing fake boobs”. Geewiz. The parking lot looked like a car show, with preferred parking for rods and kustoms. Its nice to have shows so close to home, so we are thankful to Karen for putting this together on a weekly basis. She books great bands, has a burlesque performer between bands, and even showcases an artist each show. What did I wear? I don’t really remember. Hum. Oh! A vintage beaded floral sweater, a vintage teal pencil skirt, vintage white heels, my vintage cat eye glasses, vintage bangles and my new lucite purse!

Deke, Sugarballs, and Crazy Joe

Zack, Sugarballs and me!

Saturday we went to our favorite hangout the Redwood Bar and Grill. It’s an amazing little bar that has an awesome pirate theme from floor to ceiling. They always have cool shows, and host Hillbilly DJ Jeff’s Brunch Americana every Sunday afternoon. The food and drinks are great, even if the prices are a little high. It’s the meeting place for all my friends, so you will hear me talk about it a lot. This night I was excited to wear a new strapless vintage bra top I had got on ebay after Viva. It’s white with a red and blue nautical motif. I paired it with my new Freddie of Pinewood jeans (which, by the way are already getting to be too big on me, stupid weightloss), white remix wedges, red vintage celluloid necklace, red bakelite accessories, and my favorite rattan fish purse that I lovingly named Old Moss Back Bass. We met up with Rene, Alana, Amber, Bobby, Memo, Jordan, Jeff, Pablo……..there were a lot of people there. We missed most of the opening band, but I heard people say good things about them. Then Deke, Crazy Joe and Sugarballs went on. By then we were all getting a good buzz going, and yelling out stupid things to the band, like “Stairway to Ballfro” one of Sugarballs famous parodies. They did pretty much the same show they had done the night before at Weber’s, but it was still a great show and highly entertaining. They played a few jivers, but there was no room to dance because the bar was packed! They did Red Headed Woman (amazing) and ended the set with Mule Skinner, which is my favorite song Deke does. It’s always a crowd pleaser! The next band on was Petunia and The Vipers from Canada. I have seen them before and knew they were really good. They have a sound unlike anything out there. It’s so different that I can’t explain it, so just go look it up if you don’t know who they are. They are a lot more mellow, so I was surprised that they were the headliners after Deke. I mean, who can headline after Deke? He is freakin’ DEKE DICKERSON! The band was fantastic, but we were all in a loud and rowdy mood, so it didn’t quite work for me. They couldn’t hold my attention on this round. So Sugarballs, Joe, Memo, Jordan and I were all in the back taking stupid pics and laughing, and I guess we were being too loud (for a bar that’s hard), and distracting other people from enjoying the band. Sorry folks! The night was a blast. So much so that we left and got half way home before realizing we forgot to close our tab. Doh! It was 2:30, so no one was there anyhow.

Deke, Sugarballs, and Crazy Joe


Jordan, Sugarballs, Me, Sandra, Zack and Hillbilly Jeff

The girls at the bar: Sandra, Me, Amber and Jordan

Rene and Alana. I miss that dress, but it looks better on her. 

Crazy Joe, Jordan, Me, Zack and Sugarballs

Memo taking Crazy Joe on the honeymoon.

Ending the night with a bang! 

On Sunday Ramblin’ James and the Billyboppers were playing with Petunia and The Vipers at Brunch Americana at the Redwood. We really wanted to go, but we saw Ramblin’ James at brunch right before Viva, and saw Petunia the night before, so we decided to take a much needed trip to Disneyland. We have been trying to go for months but haven’t been able to find time. We had plans to meet up with my friend Ellen (Miss Cherry Garcia) who was in town doing Disneyland with her husband and children, so we had to get up at 7:00 after just getting home at 3:30. That was tough, but it was really nice to see them again. We went to dinner that night at CafĂ© Orleans, and saw Jan from our favorite TV show “The Office”! Her daughter said I was cute, and she agreed. So Jan from The Office acknowledged my existence. Ha ha. After dinner we met up with Bobby. Amber was out of town on business, so it was nice of Bobby to meet up with us at Disneyland. We had a ton of fun, especially on the tea cups. I didn’t have to spin at all, I let the boys do all the work! We left there about 9 and were exhausted! We still had to stop by The Redwood on the way home to close our tab and get Zack’s card. Can you believe it that at 10pm people were still there from brunch? They are hardcore! We had a great weekend, but are sooooooo tired now. Phil Alvin is playing the Redwood tonight and we want to go, but we need to sleep sometime!

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