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Weekend Wrap-up

2:50 PMDollie DeVille

This weekend was so busy! I never even found time to unpack my stuff from Vegas. On Friday we had planned to go check out Karen’s new show at Weber’s in Reseda. She has started a rockabilly Friday night thing, and Slim Jim Phantom was booked to play. We had all intentions of going to support Karen because we want regular rockabilly nights, but Rene and Alana couldn’t make it and we were so tired from the work week. So, I just hit the gym, then hit the sack.

Saturday afternoon I slept in until about 12. I was so tired! Then I went to the gym again, and came home to get ready to go out. We went to dinner at The Bear Pit BBQ in Mission Hills. I had a gift card from Dave and Deke for winning Miss Hillbilly Dumplin' 2009. The restaurant has been there forever but this was my first time there. The decor is so campy, with animated bears and pigs on the walls and sawdust on the floor. The food was the best! I loved every bite. Then we headed over to see to see The Lucky Stars at Joes. They never disappoint! They played two sets, so we got to see a lot. Including J.W. on lead guitar! He acts like he doesn’t play well, but it was amazing. All of those guys are so talented it’s unfair! I got to spend a lot of time talking and catching up after viva with Sandra, Sugarballs, Amber and Bobby. I wore my new RockMount western top and deadstock western skirt I got at viva. I really need some cowboy boots though! What a fun night that was!
At the bear pit with my gift card. Thanks Dave and Deke!

The Lucky Stars

                                                                        Zack and I

                                                         Sugarballs, Bobby, and Amber

Sugarballs and Sandra dancing

 I slept in till about 11 the next morning and hit the gym again. I knew I was having an unhealthy dinner with Amber, Bobby, Sugarballs and Sandra that night, so I did 4 miles on the treadmill to compensate for it. Then I went home to get ready. It was cold and rainy that day, so I just wore a little 50s blue fleck dress, remix wedges in white and a white sweater. It was comfy. We met at Amber’s house and looked over Viva pics. It already seems like such a long time ago! Then we ate dinner at The Commonwealth Lounge, where they were playing that night. The place is in old town Fullerton and surrounded with vintage and antique shops. I need to go down there again soon for shopping. The place is dimly lit, with huge squishy booths, rich tones, and prints of Marilyn and Elvgren pinups on the walls. The food was good. Bobby got the Monte Cristo and let us all have a taste. It was to die for, but really would kill you if you ate all of it! The dance floor was tiny, even smaller than the Redwood. Amber is always a fun show. She can really sing, and is such a fun personality on stage. I used to be really bias to male artists, but Amber was the first modern female artist I liked, so I credit her with helping me branch out and appreciate other modern female artists. It was a smaller, more cozy crowd, so the band got to cut loose and have some fun with the set. Sugarballs did a variety of rock song spoofs, to include his name. It was a lot of fun!

Left to right: Sandra, Sugarballs, Bobby, Amber, Dollie and Zack

Sandra, Amber and Me

Amber Foxx

Rene from the SideWynders guest appearing with Ambers' band 

Tonight Captain Jeffrey and His Musical Chumbuckets are playing at Joes. We want to make it out there, but I am so pooped from this long weekend. I think I am just going to go to the gym and go to sleep.

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