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Very Long Viva Las Vegas Blog!

2:46 PMDollie DeVille

We left tue night. We ate dinner at the road side greek place called The Crazy Greek. It was okay, not great, and a little pricey for a fast food style dinner. We went because we saw it on the Food Network show Diner’s, Drive-ins, and Dives. The food was not memorable, but the company was! We saw a couple sitting there that were obviously on their way to Viva. So, me being miss social had to say hi. Their names are Jack and Anna. It turns out that they were from Essex England and they came to stay in LA for a few days, then were on their way to Vegas for Viva and then to Memphis TN. They were super nice and happy to have someone friendly to talk to. We also gave them two Pabsts and they were sooooo excited! They had heard about it and wanted to try it. They asked if it could only be bought in LA and we laughed. They loved LA and wanted to move there. We checked into the Orleans and got ready to go to the strip. We went to Caesars and lost $100 a person in like 5 mins, so we headed back to the hotel after that, and just hung around the casino. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people there already. We got to bed about 6am that night.

Wednesday day we went to Ronnie Weiser’s Viva Pre-party. That was for sure a highlight of the weekend! A few hundred people from around the world were there. There were a ton of band members there, so there was some mad jamming breaking out in the living room. The best was The Caezars. They are so cute! They totally rocked the party and everyone was stoked to get a free show! I wore a tight vintage teal skirt and cream floral sweater with my vintage cat eye glasses. I met a ton of new people and got to dance with Sweet Pea and Ronnie, so that was fun. That night we had dinner at Andres, which was good, but not the best filet I have ever had, especially for the price of $50 a pop. Then that night we went to Frankie’s Tiki Bar. Its soooooo cool in there and totally decked out all over. I got a souvenir shirt (for the gym). I ordered two drinks in special tiki mugs for $20. One has a hula pin-up girl on it, and one was a Vegas slot machine tiki on it. The drinks were tasty too! We played the Shag Vice game and Zack’s vice is smut and mine is drugs. That result was so off. Haha. We went to bed that night about 5am.
With Ronnie at the pre-party


At Frankies!

Thursday Viva started. The hotel was already packed! We went to Sweet Peas meet and greet. Sweet Pea always puts on an amazing party, and we are always grateful for all her hard work. The bands were all good, most we saw at Ronnie’s party wed. I saw the couple from England again, and we made sure to have a drink together. I wore a super cute yellow rooster playsuit with matching skirt, red espadrilles, red bakelite and my new fav Betty Grable hairstyle with a red bow. So cute! I got a ton of complements! That night the bands, dancing, drinking and shopping started. We went into the vendors the minute they opened, and it was a mad house! Apparently everyone had the idea we had, swoop in before the best stuff is gone! You would think we aren’t in a recession or something! I went to V-Male first, because after losing almost 40lbs, none of my bras, clinchers, etc fit anymore. I spend over $200 there in just about 20 mins, but I got some great stuff I really needed. I got a cute blue corselet, bullet bra, 3 pairs of undies, a clincher, and stockings. Next I went to Boss vintage because they had Freddie’s of Pinewood jeans (Freddie’s didn’t come to viva this year), and now that I actually can fit into and pull off a pair, I was desperate to get some! I got a really fab dark dark pair, nice and long so I can cuff them. I never thought they would look good on me, but I was pleasantly surprised! I love them! I knew I would have to break my “no jeans at Viva” rule to show off those babies! Then I went to Sneaky Tiki to try on one of their fab repro two piece 40s tie top and pants suits. It looked great on, and was a good price at $84 (I think) but I ultimately decided to wait and buy that at home, and save my money for real vintage on this trip. I did however buy a repro halter bra top in blue atomic print from them, because it will be so cute with my new jeans. I got a steal on this late 50s/early 60s white sequin wiggle dress. Its sooooooo sexy! Very Marilyn! I have been wanting one like that for ages, so I was so excited to find one. That’s a Sat night outfit for next VLV for sure! I also went to check out what my girl Donna had, and I got an amazing southern belle sun hat that ties on under the chin in a lavender bow. Its so cute! I don’t have anything purple to match it though, so I am on the look out. I also got a white fur bolero to wear with the sequin dress, because the arm pits are so darn scratchy. Hopefully that will help. I also got two seafoam bangles, a white cotton top with fishies on it, and a cute little cotton dress, with a huge abstract cherry print (I know, but it’s a cute summer dress). Then vendors all know me, and that’s a little scary. I must have a shopping problem. That night I wore a late 50s orange floral print dress with a full skirt, my new matching set of gold and orange rhinestone jewelry, vintage Red Cross gold dancing shoes and matching gold clutch. We have seen Big Sandy a hundred times, but couldn’t miss him. Robert always puts on a great show! We did the record hops all night and drank way too much! I was dancing with my new friend from Texas, and we were really cutting it up when my shoe broke! The leather strap just snapped in half. It was the first time I wore them and I was so sad! I knew I couldn’t let that bum me out, so, I went up to the room and sewed them back together with my handy dandy sewing kit! I am so domestic! Later that night we ate Breakfast at the 24hr café with Rene, Alana, and Kristin at about 5am.

Favorite outfit!

 Sweet Pea's Meet and Greet with Jack and Ana!

Thursday night, best pic of the weekend!

Friday morning I had planned to do the dance lessons with the girls, but I woke up 30 mins before they started, so I just brushed my hair, threw on my new southern belle hat and a pink gingham day dress. Wha la, ready! So, I, Alana, Kristin and Amber Foxx did the strolling lesson together. I already knew how to stroll though, but you have to fit in girl time somewhere! Then Amber and Bobby, Alana and Rene and Zack and I all did the jive lessons. Zack and I knew that one too, so we mostly helped Amber and Bobby. What a blast. We went to the Charles Phoenix slide show that night, and although I was a little disappointed to see it was the same show from last year, it was still fun. The place was packed, but we got a seat next to Tiffani and Derek, so I got to rest my tootsies. I did more shopping that night. I got a vintage teal and grey stripe dress that I love, and my first snood. That night I wore my new red Shaheen halter dress with espadrilles, bakelite and my new fish purse! That night while I was shopping for records I was stopped and interviewed and photographed for the Las Vegas Weekly (see prior blog for link). That night was more bands, including Marti Brom and Gas House Gorillas who were really good. What a blast. We did more dancing and drinking all night at the record hops. Then we decided to do café about 5am with Rene, Alana, Kristin, and Tiffani. There was a line for the café, so the girls and I did a potty break while the boys waited in line. On the way back we saw this guy (don’t know his name, sorry!) talking to my friend Kim outside the pub. He obviously just got in, and still had his two suitcases (the hard vintage kind). In my drunken stupor, I thought it would be funny to nonchalantly walk by and pick one up, and start to walk off and see what he says. We were not quiet and totally obvious about the whole thing. Alana took my lead and grabbed the other suitcase. Then we walked off all stupid like something out of a cartoon. When we got about 10 feet away, we put them down behind a row of slot machines. We looked through the crack between two shot machines, and the guy and Kim were still talking away. He didn’t notice anything at all! We were rolling laughing, thinking we were soooooo funny. Then we posed with the suitcases for pics (which I will have to attach later). After that good laugh we decided we needed to try harder to get his attention. We both grabbed a suitcase and walked really really slowly and oh so obviously past them again, but to no avail. So we camped by the row of slot machines again, and just laughed and laughed about the whole thing. Then him and Kim say their goodbyes, and Kim walks away. The guy notices his stuff is gone, looks around, shrugged his shoulders and walks off. We are cracking up at his obvious lack of interest in his own personal property! We look down to pick up the suitcases to bring them to him, and when we look up again he is no where in sight! Like he just dropped off the face of the earth! Then we had an “Oh shit” moment. Here we were, drunk off our asses, thought it was funny to take this guys suitcases, then he just leaves and we cant find him now! How stupidly funny! So we take them to exactly where he was standing outside the pub, place them down, and talk about that to do. Take them to the front desk, or a security guard and say we found them? But the eye in the sky can tell when you lie! What to do? What to do? Luckily, in a minute or two, he appears from around the corner looking rather confused. Being as sharp as I am, I wave him down, and tell him that he walked off and left his stuff there, and we were watching it for him! Whaaaa haaaaa haaaaa. He seemed to buy it. He said that he noticed it was gone, and assumed that one of his friends grabbed it. Once he realized no one had it, he came back looking for it, and found us watching it for him. He said it had his band stuff in it. I wonder which band he is in. Hum. He thought we were a nice group of girls to watch his stuff for him. Ha ha. Maybe he was as drunk as we were. We headed back to the café still cracking up, and the boys thought it was funny too, so they must have been drunk also. You can’t trust a group of drunk girls in Vegas, they can get into all sorts of shenanigans!

Saturday day I wore my new Kamehameha playsuit with matching skirt and we went to the Advanced Jive lessons with Rene and Alana. We got pulled away though, by a photographer from New York that had set up a studio in the corner of the ballroom and wanted to photograph Zack and I. He wanted us to do this jump move where Zack lifts me in the air and spins me. We did that like 20 times, and Zack was pooped but we got a ton of great pics!  Then we went to the car show and I got to take a pic of me jumping out of a giant cake! Ha ha ha. I hit it coming out though and bruised the heck out of my leg. We saw Check Berry at the car show and he was AMAZING for guy in his 80s! He was slower then he used to be, but that’s expected. He did all of his hits and did the duck walk. He was in good spirits and seemed really happy. I did some more shopping, and got a vintage RockMount Western top, and two deadstock skirts. I also got a super cute vintage 50s white prom dress that I plan to use as a wedding dress. I got a great deal on it from Boss Vintage. Then we went to catch the Hi-Rhythm Hustlers, but they were late starting their set, and we couldn’t wait around because we had to change and eat dinner in time to catch other acts that night. It was a big disappointment to me because I heard they are good and was really looking forward to seeing them live and buying their new CD. So please bands, we have a tight schedule, try and be on time! That night I wore a vintage pink lace dress with matching hat, and white gloves and heels. The Barnstompers from Holland played that night and they were amazing! This is the second time I have seen them, and they keep getting better! K.C Byrd has such a wide range of vocals. He can come out of nowhere and sing super low and deep. Its amazing to watch. I love Cajun Doll. We finally got their CD this trip, after looking all over since we last saw them. Wanda Jackson also played that night. She was better than I have ever seen her. She really brought her A game for this show. I have never seen that many people in the ballroom either. She did this yodeling type song (the name escapes me) that really shows off how vocally talented she still is. She paired up with Jack White of the White Stripes and recorded a new demo, apparently a cover of an Amy Whinehouse song. Ha ha. I guess she is trying to get back to the masses. I like her old stuff better personally, but good for her! Sean Mencher (High Noon) was a must see also. He really ripped on the guitar and impressed me with his singing abilities also. What a night for music! I was high off of all the amazing talent in the air! After her set I changed into my new jeans and a comfy 40s maroon top, so I could dance! That night was more amazing bands, including Hi-Voltage the Excellos. It was my first time seeing the Excellos and I loved all of their blues boppers! I couldn’t stay still! I have never seen so many people bopping to a live band before. More drinking and dancing and the café at 5am.

Dancin'! Look at his face!

Car Show

Saturday night with Amber and Jordan

Late night bopping with Alana
Sunday day was the tiki pool party. It was a little cold and windy so we didn’t stay late. Only a few hours. I also had a whole leg full of bruises, one from the giant steel cake and the other from running into the desk in the hotel room, the other two I didn’t know where I got those from, so I didn’t really feel like showing off my new vintage playsuit. Ha ha. We went back to the room and I took a bath and Zack sat on the bed. While I was in the bath the toilet started to gurgle and the slider pocket bathroom door started to shake and rattle. I couldn’t figure out what was happening. Then I felt the shaking. I called to Zack at the same time he did and we both asked what was going on. We thought it was the wind at first, but then realized if the wind was moving that huge hotel that much, that we need to get the heck out (we were on the 18th floor). Then I questioned if it was an earthquake and got more freaked out! We turned on CNN as they are just reporting a 7.2 earthquake in Mexico. I couldn’t believe we felt it all the way out there! That night I wore a 40s fleck suit dress, white gloves and heels. Crazy Joe stopped me in the hallway that night and asked if my name was Dollie. He remembered me from last year when he signed my CD! I told him I loved him. Ha ha. Really I did. Desperate? Maybe.  I asked if he was wearing that, (pointing to his Hawaiian shirt), because I loved when he wore his white coat, especially with the pink top. He said he was indeed wearing the white coat, but with a black top and vintage tie. Yay. He was happy I liked his clothing choices. I told him I was looking forward to his show that night. Yay! That night we were right up front with Amber, Bobby, and Sandra. Crazy Joe’s set was amazing. He is really a phenomenal guitar player. One of the best I have ever seen. He has a great singing voice as well, and he really channels the voices of the 50s in songs like “Don’t Call Me”. I think he is such an amazing guitar player because he is a mathematical freakin’ genius. No really, he is! He is a college professor in Ohio. A highlight of the weekend came at the end of the show when Deke and Sugarballs grabbed Joe and threw him into the bass drum case with a mic and locked him in! Then they made him sing a Little Richard song in there and he still sounded amazing! Everyone said it was sooo funny and a highlight of the weekend. When he came out he was all sweaty. Ha ha. I took a pic with him and he signed my CD I bought (his 5 song demo, I already had the latest CD from Rave). He signed it: To the lovely Dollie. Until next time. Crazy Joe Tritschler. He even remembered to spell it right! Swoon. Then he said hi to Zack and said that I speak highly of him. Afterward Zack and I were amazed, because we don’t ever remember telling him Zack’s name. He is such a nice guy. Zack and I both agree that if it doesn’t work out I can move to Ohio and be with Crazy Joe. Amber said Joe would go for it! That night the Modern Sounds from Chicago also played. We saw them at Deke’s Guitar Geek Festival and knew they were a must see. Such cute talented boys they are. They are all amazing musicians and can all harmonize like no ones business! Joel Paterson is endlessly talented on the guitar and vocally. But that’s not the only thing, he also designed their CD cover, which, I believe to be one of the best I have ever seen. I love Beau Sample (Cave Catt Sammy) too, and when he does “Bacon Fat”. He is really entertaining. They signed my CD and took a pic with me. Then Amber’s friend Annita and the Starbombers played and Zack and I were right up front again with Amber and Bobby. This was my first time seeing Annita star on her own, and she was really a stand out! I know she was nervous, but she didn’t need to be. She was simply amazing. She was backed by the Barnstompers, and her and K.C. did some phenomenal duets. I know Annita loves Marti Brom, and is inspired by her, but in my opinion, Annita was better than Marti, even though she was nervous. We bought a copy of her new release, and it is amazing. Such a talented young woman. I spent the remainder of my money on a vintage two piece 40s playsuit. I love it and plan to wear it to the Rhythm Rocker in Long Beach. I also got a pair of gold glitter earrings from Donna. We danced in the ballroom until they kicked us out, then we headed to the other hop room. Everyone wanted to make the last night count, so it was packed. So much bopping, strolling and jiving. All of the Caezars were there bopping like mad men, all decked out in fleck slacks, gab shirts and white bucks. They can dress well for their age! They can bop and Jive well too! I got to dance with a few of them and it was a real treat. Such nice young boys they are. We danced until 5am, but they boys wanted to go eat after that. Such party poopers!

Pool party!

Sunday with the Modern Sounds

Dancing with The Caezars!
Monday day we check out. We said out last good byes to everyone until next year. So sad! A monsoon decided to start the exact moment we started to load up the car. The wind was blowing like crazy, and it was starting to sprinkle. We had a ton of stuff but we were handling it okay, until my suitcase wheel fell into a planter and knocked all my bags of clothes onto the ground. That’s the exact moment the wind blew my skirt over my head and made me flash everyone. Then it also started pouring rain. It took us about 5 mins in the rain and the wind to load up the car. At the end I was soaked and had no more dignity, but we got a really good laugh out of it. On the way home we stopped at Peggy Sue’s Diner with Rene, Alana and Kristin for Buddy Holly burgers and shakes. What a great end to the weekend!



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  1. You better post pictures girl!! You're too fabulous not to have them. Vegas was great this year. Its too bad we only ran into each other in the bathroom :-(

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  3. Great post. Can’t wait to read the next ones :).

  4. Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?

  5. This is a fantastic view of the situation, I don’t think I’ve quite seen it from that perspective before.

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